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Our proprietary One Equation combines evidence-based guidelines, cutting-edge digital technology and scientifically optimized UI/UX design in one powerful tool. The result—a measurable leap forward in the standard of care fully aligned with your bottom line.

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1EQ's flagship product connects moms-to-be with their OBs in the time between appointments.

True to its name, Babyscripts breaks down 9 months of information and tasks into a series of smaller, easier-to-manage steps.

Our simplified approach benefits patients who might otherwise be overwhelmed during such a joyous, yet hectic, period. But it also benefits providers, who can now remotely and continually track and manage their patient population with a tool that optimizes their workflow.

What makes Babyscripts so special?

Its simple design, OB-generated content and personalized connection to your doctor make Babyscripts the perfect tool for managing your pregnancy. It might not quell your morning-sickness or ease your labor pains, but it will help keep you on-track and better-connected with your physician throughout your term.

1. Daily tasks prescribed by your doctor

Your OB is the driving force behind Babyscripts. They are with you every step of the way, prescribing your to-do list and monitoring your progress.

The more you interact with the app, the more detailed, personal and effective the relationship between you, your physician and Babyscripts becomes.

2. Easy to use

You've got a lot on your mind, which is why we've designed Babyscripts to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible. A quick swipe of the finger is all it takes to let your doctor know that you're completing your tasks.

So pick it up, put it back down, and go focus on more important things. Like deciding on a color for the nursery.

3. Smart content

Our team of OBs have brought their care plans to the table to give you all the best pregnancy-related information.

So don't end up on a wild Google chase trying to find the ideal weight gain at 24 weeks, or what types of cheeses you can or can't eat. We've got you covered.

How can Babyscripts improve your practice?

If you're a provider, Babyscripts was designed with you specifically in mind. The simple, easy-to-use app offers remote and continuous monitoring of your patients' pregnancy, promoting adherence to your care plan and helping you to better care for, manage and maintain your patient population.

1. Continuous data

By leveraging digital tracking devices and your patients' daily interactions with Babyscripts, you get more relevant data for better care.

2. Compliance at a glance

With Meaningful Use Stage 3 on the horizon, Babyscripts provides you with a snapshot of your patients' compliance to your evidence-based care plan.

3. Fits your workflow

Babyscripts isn’t a tool within a tool. We're here to optimize your relationship with your patients—plain and simple. Maybe that frees up a few minutes in between appointments for a breather as well…


We're taking on some big challenges here, and we could certainly use help along the way from like-minded companies. Let's improve healthcare together!


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